School Uniforms

St. Dunstan students in grades K – 8 are expected to conform to the uniform policy. The policy is intended to eliminate the distracting competition in dress, and to evidence a constructive spirit and pride in the school and each other. With the exception of non-uniform days, all students must wear the school uniform. Parent attention to uniform regulations is expected and appreciated so that valuable teaching time is not wasted on checking uniforms.

During school-sponsored field trips, students should be in school uniform as determined by the teacher. Students will not use visible, real or imitation body art including drawing or writing on self with markers or pens.

Revisions and/or changes may be made, as necessary, throughout the year for the well being of the entire parish school community. School parents’ support of this policy is of the utmost importance, and all families are asked to monitor their students’ uniform attire on a daily basis.

Students may not change clothes after school unless the student is going to track practice.

Complete uniforms must be worn to all school liturgies. The school sweater MUST be worn on Fridays.

The Uniform Policy will be strictly enforced. Students not in compliance will warrant the following consequences:

  1. First Violation The student will receive a Uniform Violation Form which requires a parent’s signature.
  2. Second Violation A 30-minute detention will be given.
  3. Third Violation The principal will call the student’s parents. A one hour detention will be given.
  4. Fourth Violation The student will be suspended for one day. Principal-parent conference.



Girls’ Required Uniform Purchased from Dennis Uniform Company

  • Khaki shorts or trousers with a plain dark brown or black belt
  • Tartan green plaid jumpers for grades K – 5
  • Tartan green plaid skirts for grades 6 – 8
  • Green cardigan or v-neck sweater with St. Dunstan logo
  • White over blouse
  • White polo shirt with St. Dunstan logo (long or short sleeve) tucked in
  • ONLY white crew socks, white knee socks, white tights; NO LOGO; no ped style allowed
  • White turtleneck worn only under the blouse or polo shirt
  • Dennis fleece vest or jackets are optional

Skirts and jumpers are to be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Shorts worn under skirts and jumpers may not show below the hemline.

All articles of clothing, personal belonging, textbooks, etc. should be clearly labeled with the student’s first and last names.


Boys’ Required Uniform Purchased from Dennis Uniform Company

  • Khaki trousers or shorts with a plain dark brown or black belt
  • White polo shirt with St. Dunstan logo (long or short sleeve) tucked in
  • Green cardigan or v-neck sweater with St. Dunstan logo
  • White turtleneck worn only under polo shirt
  • ONLY white crew socks NO LOGO
  • Dennis fleece vest or jackets are optional
  • Shoes must be tied correctly
  • No “skateboard” sneakers
  • When wearing the school pants, all students should tuck in the school shirt and wear a belt.
  • Pants are to be worn at waist level – students wearing sagging pants are subject to correction and/or disciplinary action.

All articles of clothing, personal belonging, textbooks, etc. should be clearly labeled with the student’s first and last names.


Official school sweaters from Dennis Uniforms (cardigan or V-neck) are mandatory the first week of school, each Friday, all school mass days, and on special occasions. Teachers and/or the principal will notify students and parents of any additional formal uniform days when sweaters are required. Eighth graders are required to wear their sweater for these formal occasions even though they have a class sweatshirt. Torn sweaters must be repaired or replaced.

Dennis Uniform Company
1282 Oddstad Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: (650) 299-9623
Visit the Dennis Uniform website. Online shopping is available


A solid black athletic shoes, with laces tied on top of shoes is the required uniform footwear. Shoelaces must be solid black. Sturdy shoes are recommended. Platforms, backless shoes (tennis shoes or other), sandals, slip-ons, shoes with flashers, wheels, or any other shoes that do not protect the feet, may NOT be worn at any time. Students are to wear solid white CREW socks. No logos or stripes are permitted.


ONLY Saint Dunstan Athletics apparel can be worn to school, during recess and lunch, but it has to be taken off during the school hours.

  • The optional green crew St. Dunstan sweatshirt may be worn on non-formal dress days.
  • No other sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, or windbreakers may be worn in place of the official St. Dunstan sweatshirt.
  • The optional green St. Dunstan sweatshirt can be purchased from the Athletic Board.
  • Jackets may be worn at recess and lunch only if the school sweatshirt is also worn. Jackets may not be worn in class.
  • 8th grade students, after high school acceptances, may wear their respective high school sweat shirt but it should be taken off during school hours.

On the few designated “non-uniform” days, students are expected to wear appropriate clothes to school. Some non-uniform dress days require special dress. On these occasions students’ clothes must conform to the directions/theme of the day. Those students who do not comply with the non-uniform dress/special dress-day directions will have their parents called will wear their uniforms on the next non-uniform/special dress day. No sandals, flip-flops, beach shoes, platforms, high-heeled shoes of any kind, short shorts, spaghetti strap tank tops, short shirts, excessively baggy or tight clothes may be worn on non-uniform dress day.

Dress may be casual but not sloppy, and it should reflect school pride. Any clothing should be neat, clean, un-torn and appropriate for school. Any student in non-uniform must ensure that the choice of dress covers at least as much of the body as a uniform does. Administration reserves the right to determine which clothing is appropriate.

Students ARE NOT allowed to wear make-up during non-uniform days.


Girls may wear full Brownie and/or Girl Scout uniforms.

Boys may wear full Cub Scout or Boy Scout uniforms but MUST wear the St. Dunstan uniform pants, as there are no stipulated pants for the boys’ Cub Scout uniform.