Parent Participation

St. Dunstan Catholic School is a vital organization in the St. Dunstan Parish Community. For two reasons, we believe it is essential that all parents of St. Dunstan Catholic School take an active role in both school and parish activities.

We believe that a community of Faith is possible only when all members take an active role in the concerns of the parish.

We depend on volunteer services from parents in order to keep the tuition of the school within reason.

Participation means active service in parish and school activities. Each parent is asked to determine which needs of the church, parish or school they are best able to meet and to make arrangements with the groups involved.


Each family is required to contribute Service Hours to St. Dunstan Catholic School every year. The requirement is 20 hours for a single-parent home and 40 hours for a two-parent home.

Mandatory hours must be completed through the following:

School Festival – Two parent household is required to complete at least 8 hours of volunteer work in the School Festival. A single parent household is required to complete at least 4 hours.

Spring Fundraiser – First, Third, Fifth, and Seventh grade parents, in charge of the Spring Fundraiser, MUST complete at least 3 service hours DURING the event.

Lunch Supervision – Each family is responsible to provide at least two (2) lunch supervision (yard duty) during the school year. However, if a family has more than one (1) student in school, they are required to one yard duty per grade to serve a minimum of two lunch supervision. Lunch Supervision assignments shall be divided equally between Grade K to 8. Each grade shall provide lunch supervision for approximately 15 consecutive regular and early dismissal school days (Minimum Days excluded) each year. Parents must come on their scheduled days OR trade with another family within their class. Parents scheduled for lunch supervision are still required to come even on rainy days. A calendar and sign-up procedure will be provided in advance by the Home Room Parent for each grade. Parents may choose to do more than two hours of yard duty to complete their service hours for the school year.

In order to keep the yard duty person's attention on the students in the yard, please refrain from the following:

* using the cell phones

* having conversations with the other yard duty parent

* eating

These service hours must be completed by May 15 of the academic year.

Parents can earn service hours by attending parent organization meetings such as the Men’s Club and Lady Knights.

If you plan to contribute time after May 15, you must have your hours listed and signed off on the Service Hours form by the individual to whom the service hours commitment is made and by the Principal, and submit your Service Hours form to the school office no later than May 15 to receive service hours credit for the school year.