Steve Abrams has been School Counselor at St. Dunstan since 1997. Our counseling program provides children and families with an opportunity to address many different counseling issues in a supportive, collaborative environment. He helps with conflict resolution and peer relationships, classroom behaviors, and the wide range of emotional issues that may affect children’s performance at school. He works with children and parents individually, in groups, and leads classroom discussions. Classroom presentations include the subjects of friendship and bullying, managing stress, and the middle school students learn about sexual harassment, a subject misunderstood by many and one taken very seriously by the Archdiocese.

Mr. Abrams says, “We’re all doing our best to raise emotionally healthy children in difficult times, and I’m available to work with you and share ideas. As we’re all aware, the kids don’t come with a manual, and what works for some of us doesn’t work for others despite the sometimes good advice in the many self-help books available.”

In addition to his work at St. Dunstan and other schools in the Archdiocese, Mr. Abrams maintains private practice offices as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Burlingame and San Francisco. He’s at St. Dunstan on Wednesdays, and is available by phone outside school at (650) 784-1013. Steve is happy to answer your questions, give you some ideas, and encourages all parents to stop by and say hello.