Outdoor Education

Both fourth and sixth grades participate in an outdoor education program where students learn about the environment, science, social studies and more!

Fourth Grade – Coloma

The Coloma Outdoor Discovery School’s Gold Rush program is designed for fourth graders, and is correlated with the California Content Standards. Our intention is to celebrate the culture, music, and folklore of the California Gold Rush while using lessons of the past to awaken students’ interest and sense of responsibility for the environment. Ms. Irma Pacheco, the fourth graders, and parent volunteers participate in this three day excursion to Coloma. To learn more about the program, please visit the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School site at http://www.cods.org.

Sixth Grade – CYO Outdoor Education

CYO Outdoor Environmental Education presents a curriculum that is strongly integrated with schools’ science classes and is aligned with the California K-12 curriculum guidelines. The Outdoor Environmental Education program provides an opportunity for students to observe, explore, and discover in our outdoor classroom, as our staff facilitates learning through ecological studies, games and activities. CYO Camp supports teachers by complementing classroom instruction and enabling students to develop positive self-concepts and peer relationships that transfer back to the classroom. Ms. Monterrosa, the sixth graders, and parent volunteers enjoy many of the activities on this five day excursion. For more information about CYO’s program, please visit http://camp.cccyo.org/.