St. Dunstan Catholic School is a Catholic Parish School committed to carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ in the education of youth. In our educational program, we emphasize the development of the whole person: spiritual, moral, social, intellectual, artistic, physical, and emotional. Vital to this developmental process is the belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, we value the partnership of the family, school, and parish.

As an extension of the family, St. Dunstan Catholic School prepares its students for their future roles as contributing members of a scientifically and technologically advanced society. We teach our students that, as participating members of the world community, they are responsible for using their talents, gifts, and education to enhance the quality of life for all.

Our curricula, co-curricular activities, and events are designed to instill in each student a lifelong reverence for God and all His creation, affirm the rich cultural diversity of our students, families, teachers, and priests while building positive community spirit and involvement. We provide an excellent Catholic education in order to send forth students equipped with personal confidence, academic and technological skills, a sense of belonging, and a religious commitment to become contributing members of society in the 21st Century.