School Fundraising

St. Dunstan Catholic School must augment its annual operating income by conducting fundraisers so that the tuition and fees do not place an unrealistic burden on parents. Fundraisers are an essential part of the school’s operating budget, and parents are required to participate in them. Fundraisers are sponsored by the school directly or are co-sponsored with another group or organization of the school. Currently, three fundraising programs are mandatory: SCRIP, Fall School Festival, and Spring Fundraiser. Other fundraising programs are pursued by the pastor, administration, and School Advisory Board as need arises.

    St. Dunstan Catholic School Scrip Program is the school’s primary fund raising activity. All families are required to participate in this program. Families must purchase a total of $4,000.00 in Scrip over the course of the school year or pay a one-time fee of $300.00 in lieu of purchasing Scrip (due on the first Friday of September)
    If you choose to participate in the Scrip Program but fall short of the $4,000.00 minimum purchase amount, you will be assessed a fee equal to 10% of your unpurchased Scrip balance. For example, if you purchase only $2,500.00 in Scrip during the school year, your unpurchased Scrip balance would be $1,500.00. Your fee would be 10% of $1,500.00 or $150.00. Scrip requirement must be completed by May 15.
  2. SCHOOL FESTIVAL: St. Dunstan School has an annual festival. It is mandatory that every (fully or partially participating) family contributes 8 service hours for a two-parent home or 4 service hours for a single-parent home
  3. SPRING FUNDRAISER: A mandatory minimum purchase of an admission to this fundraiser for fully and partially participating families.

Fundraisers / Class Assignments

Fundraisers and school events are assigned to specific grades throughout the school year. This will provide greater event consistency from year to year while fostering community among the school families. The parents in the designated classes are expected to lead their assigned event. Leading an event involves planning, organizing and running an event to its conclusion. For each event, there will be a Chairperson, booth and/or staffing committees and committee leads.

The fundraisers and their assigned grades are identified below:


All Grades

Fun Run

Primary Responsibility of Kindergarten

Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Primary Responsibility of Fourth Grade

Candy Sales

All Grades

Spring Fundraiser

Primary Responsibility of First, Third, Fifth, and Seventh Grades

(Parents assigned must complete at least 3 service hours during the event.)

For each event, an outline instruction will be provided to help organize and conduct the event. After a given class has managed an event, they will document any changes to these instructions for use of future grades.

Ongoing fundraising:

Box Tops for Education

Box Top Education

Earn cash for our school every time you grocery shop. Clip box tops from hundreds of products. Each box top is worth 10 cents for our school – and that adds up fast.

Labels For Education

Campbellslogo 200

Lfe Logo 200

Participating in the program is very easy — simply save UPC’s from participating Campbell products and send them to our school.

Eligible Product List

5-point Collection Sheet

1-point Collection Sheet