Students, who are not in the Hot Lunch Program, ARE EXPECTED to bring their lunches with them to school each morning. In the event that a student forgets his/her lunch, parents will be allowed to bring lunch to the front office PRIOR to the lunch period. This should not be a regular occurrence however, nor are lunches to be delivered to students over the fence or in the schoolyard. The parental choice is either to sign up for the lunch program OR provide a lunch for the student TO BRING TO SCHOOL.

  • We strongly encourage that student snacks and lunches are of nutritional value. No fast food is allowed. Fast food in lunch pails is not allowed either.
  • Drinks in glass containers are not permitted.
  • Due to safety concerns, microwaves are not available for student use. It is also not the responsibility of the school to provide utensils to students.

Hot Lunches are offered Monday – Thursday with the exception of Minimum Days by CHOICELUNCH. Please visit their website at to learn more and register for Choicelunch.


Regarding Friday Fundraisers: Friday lunch order forms and payment are to be received by the due date on the Thursday 9:00 a.m. PRIOR to the scheduled Friday lunch. No exceptions. Friday lunches are based on the number of lunches ordered at the deadline. Punctuality is to be honored. Moreover, once students receive their lunch slips, they are not to alter it or appropriate consequences will follow.

Friday hot lunches are hosted by different grades and organizations at St. Dunstan to raise funds for a cause. It is therefore recommended that Friday lunches be reserved for these fundraisers.

Friday Hot Lunch Schedule and Order Forms 2017-18:

September 2017 8 8th Grade 8th Grade Hot Lunch 09_08_17
15 7th Grade 7th Grade Hot Lunch 09_15_17
22 6th Grade 6th Grade Hot Lunch 09_22_17
29 Athletic Board Athletic Board Lunch 09-29-17
October 2017 6 Parish Festival
13 5th Grade 5th Grade Hot Lunch 10_13_17
20 4th Grade
27 School Administration School Administration Hot Lunch 10_27_17
November 2017 3 TERESA COMMITTEE
10 No Hot Lunch
17 Home Room Parents
24 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2017 1 3rd Grade
8 Student Council
15 School Administration School Administration Hot Lunch 12_15_17
22 Christmas Vacation
29 Christmas Vacation
January 2018 5 2nd Grade 2nd Grade Hot Lunch 01_05_18
12 1st Grade
19 Kindergarten
26 School Administration
February 2018 2 Student Holiday
9 8th Grade Grade 8 Quesadilla
16 7th Grade 7th Grade Hot Lunch 02.16

23 Mid Winter Break
March 2018 2 Cheerleader
9 Athletic Board Hot Lunch Order Form Chow Mein
16 School Administration School Administration Hot Lunch 03_16_18
23 8th Grade Hot Lunch Order Form 3 23.Doc
30 Good Friday
April 2018 6 Easter Break
13 Cheerleader
20 Earth Day-Team Green Team Green Hot Dog Lunch 4_20_18

27 Student Council Student Council Hot Lunch 2018
May 2018 4 Local Holiday
11 Athletic Board
18 TERESA Committee Hot Lunch051818

25 Robotics-Team Green
June 2018 1 Fun Day
8 School Administration School Administration Hot Lunch 06_8_18