St. Dunstan School Student Learning Expectations


Creative Leaders:

  • Share their gifts and talents with the community.
  • Talk out problems to resolve conflicts.
  • Listen, value, and respect other points of view.

Honorable and Responsible:

  • Take responsibility for their words and actions.
  • Speak and act respectfully.
  • Use technology responsibly.

Respectful and Helpful:

  • Value everyone’s uniqueness and diversity.
  • Demonstrate tolerance, respect, and compassion for others.
  • Communicate well with others and follow directions.

Intellectually Engaged:

  • Read, write, speak, and think creatively, analytically, and critically.
  • Maintain a lifelong curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Show appreciation for the Arts.

Strong Catholic Identity:

  • Seek knowledge and understanding of Catholic Doctrine.
  • Live the teachings of Jesus daily.
  • Pray and participate regularly at liturgical ceremonies.

Trustworthy Citizens:

  • Make choices based on Gospel values.
  • Work productively, independently, and collaboratively.
  • Respect the environment as stewards of God’s creation.