Spanish Program

In-Curriculum Spanish classes using the IES Language Foundation Methodology at St. Dunstan will give your students an edge in preparation for a profession in the global market and attaining a better understanding of Latin cultures as part of their social awareness in a country rich with diversity. Spanish is taught in grades K-8 through a variety of engaging methods.

The IES Language Foundation methods recreate a process of natural language acquisition, which is similar to the way children learn their primary language. The methods are designed to create a natural learning environment using games, activities, poems, drama, songs, and physical actions and hand gestures to make the language come alive.

For K-2nd grades at St. Dunstan, the program emphasizes listening and speaking skills only. For 3rd-5th, some vocabulary and grammar will be introduced. For 6th-8th, more focus is given to grammar, vocabulary, conversation, translation, and group presentations.

The immersion process occurs naturally and gradually over the school year through the students’ comprehension of basic words covering a variety of everyday topics. A new word list is introduced every week. As the students build their vocabulary, students can generate simple conversation. This encourages more natural verbal communication in Spanish.

Parents of our students are typically those who value the gift that a second language can bring to their child’s future. A second language is no longer just a benefit but a necessity in the work place and in life.