Read the Instructions Before Proceeding
(On Line 2016 – 2017 Enrollment Forms)

Please find below a list of required, optional and informational forms. All required and optional forms are available in interactive PDF format. This means the forms can be completed online by clicking on the appropriate fields. Click on the links below to download each document.  Once completed, print, sign and submit to the school office ON or BEFORE 8:00 p.m., Thursday, May 26, 2016. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to access the required and optional forms. A parent/guardian is required to hand carry the forms into the school office and an office personnel will review the completeness of the forms. When deemed complete, a receipt of completeness will be issued. ALL required forms have to be submitted all at the same time and reviewed for completeness BEFORE a receipt of completeness will be issued out. Late enrollment forms will incur a $50 late charge.

Archdiocese Required Forms:

Universal Medical Information/Emergency Contact Release and Consent Form, 2 pages (one per student)
General Terms of Parental Consent 2016-2017 (one per student)
• Medical Release Consent to Treatment 2016-2017, 2 pages (one per student)
Children with Disabilities Release Form 2016-2017 
(one per student)
School Counseling 2016-2017  (one per student)

School Required Forms:

• The 2016-2017 St. Dunstan Student Handbook must be read by both parents and their students prior to the first day of school. Parents and students must sign the signature page of the handbook and return it to school. (one per family)
St. Dunstan_Emergency Release Form (one per student)
St. Dunstan_School Directory Form (one per family)
St. Dunstan_Ethnic Survey
 (one per student)
St. Dunstan_Website /Technology Release Form (one per student)
St. Dunstan_E-mail Policy (one per student)

Optional Forms:

Extended Care Program 2016-2017 (one per family)
  Registration form must be turned in with Registration Fee.

Informational Forms:

Remember:  The signatures must be hand-written.