Student Government

St. Dunstan Catholic School has great leadership in our very own Student Council, run by adviser, Mrs. Sue Pallari. Student Council members take responsibility in all their activities, respect the environment by being good stewards in Team Green, and share their abundant gifts and talents with others through community service, such as volunteering their time serving the needy at St. Vincent de Paul.

Student Council 2015-2016

President – Ethan B.

Vice-President – Brian H.

Secretary – Nick D.

Team Green – Sacchi U. 8th

Team Green – Claire Q. 7th

Team Green – Graciela R. 6th

Publicity – Veronica C.

Girls Athletics – Darleen S..

Boys Athletics – Gavin R.

Religious Affairs – Elyssa E.

Spirit – Alexa A.

Traffic Commissioner – Malea B.