Scrip News 5 November 2014

Special Order Form

 As requested by some families and since the Holiday Season is in the offing, the Special Order Form is back.  In preparing for your Holiday Gift giving, think SCRIP. If you purchasing regular scrip and special order scrip, please remember to issue Two (2) separate checks.


New Retailer

 We are pleased to announce three new retailers have joined SCRIP – Groupon, Panda Express and Zappos.  Groupon and Zappos are available in our regular order form.  Panda Express is available in our special order form.


Scrip Statement

As we are ending the second month of purchasing scrip, the first scrip statement for this school year 2014-2015 will be prepared and will be sent home through your student on or before November 14.

Remember that if you have purchased gift cards for retailers such as Target, Lucky’s, Smart and Final, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Gamestop, Toys “R” Us and Disney, the credit is only 50% of your purchased amount as the rebate from these retailers is less than 4%.




  1. If you have several gift cards or certificates, hand them to the sales person one by one as the value of each card is credited to your transaction.
  2. If the sales person claims that one of the gift cards has a $ 0 balance, just complete the transaction by paying the balance.  Get your receipt and request for the gift cards or certificates back.
  • Make sure that the serial numbers of the gift cards or certificates are on the receipt.  Make sure too that after each serial number, the value of the gift card or certificate should appear.
  • If one serial number shows a $ 0 balance AND it was not swiped twice, then bring back that particular gift card to our Scrip Coordinator.
  • If the serial number of a card does not appear on the receipt, then that particular card was not negotiated and still has its full value.

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule 2014

If you have any question, please email our School Coordinator at  You will have a better chance communicating with the School Coordinator via email rather than by phone.

 Scrip requirement must be completed by May 15, 2015.

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