Scrip News 15 February 2017

15 February 2017

SCRIP will not be available for sale next week due to Mid Winter Break.

 Families with a Scrip Balance:   You can continue to purchase scrip until you fulfill your scrip commitment of $4000 on or before May 15.  As has been our practice, scrip inventory will no longer be replenished after April 7.  After Spring Break, you can only purchase what is left in inventory.  The order form will be updated every Monday however sale will be on a first come first serve basis i.e. order form completed correctly and check payment attached.  NO PHONE  OR FAX RESERVATIONS will be accepted.

Families who have met their commitment:   A handful of families have completed their commitment and we appreciate your diligence.  If you normally use the scrip you have been purchasing from your student’s school, kindly continue to purchase scrip.  It will help keep tuition increases to a minimum.  Our Scrip Program is not primarily a commitment but a fundraiser.  Please help your child’s school.

The Scrip Program is the top fundraiser of Saint Dunstan Catholic School.

It bridges the gap between tuition and operating expenses.

It is key in keeping the annual tuition increases at a minimum.

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