Scrip News 10 May 2017

10 May 2017

Dear St. Dunstan School Families:

We are on our last week of our Scrip Program.   We have everything in stock ready for your purchase. We have updated the order form.  A quick reminder:  we may have an item on our order form and it may mean there is 1 or 20 gift cards available for sale.  If you need to purchase a particular item, please send in your order form ASAP  TOGETHER with your check.  You will receive a telephone call if your choice is no longer available or we have less than what you need.  We will assist you in fulfilling your Scrip Commitment.

On Monday, May 15, we will be in school to sell scrip and/or receive your check payment for the balance of your Scrip Commitment.

Scrip Order Form 2016-2017.2


Most of the Scrip purchased during the summer sale is Safeway and since we are not able to sell Safeway at this time, we will not have summer sale.


The Scrip Program is the top fundraiser of Saint Dunstan Catholic School.

It bridges the gap between tuition and operating expenses.

It is key in keeping the annual tuition increases at a minimum.

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