Principal’s Letter September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014

Thursday, September 4 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available. Back to School Night 6PM-8PM.  Please make accommodations for your children as this evening is for parents and guardians only.

Friday, September 5 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available. Mass at 9:00AM to commission our student council and welcome the students, staff, parents, and family.  All are welcome and students must be in full uniform (no shorts). Script buy-out ends on September 5th.

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 8 – 2:30PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

Tuesday, September 9 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

Wednesday, September 10 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available. Chinese classes start.

Thursday, September 11 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

Friday, September 12 – 3:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available. Used Uniform Store open from 3PM-6PM. 7:30PM Family Movie Night.  All are welcome.

Monday, September 15 – 2:30PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

Monday, September 22 – 2:30PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

September 22-26 – IOWA Standardized Testing.

Monday, September 29 – 12:00PM dismissal.  Extended care available.

October 17-19 – Fall Festival

Message From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Tomorrow night, Thursday September 4, is Back to School Night from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The agenda is posted today’s communication. Please make accommodations for your children as this evening is for parents and guardians only. Lunch Masters, who provided lunch service for our school, will provide finger food. Lunch Masters will have a table, as well as all our school organizations, for your perusal. Take time to meet and greet our parent leaders who provide a great service to our school community and look forward to your involvement.

Back to School Night Agenda

Wednesday Communication is posted each Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Get into the habit of reading the Wednesday communication. It is the main source of communication. Anyone or school organization wishing to post information for Wednesday, must request do so by the previous Monday by 12:00 noon sending your request to the school Webmaster and the Principal.

On Saturday, November 8, St. Dunstan School will be hosting a Children’s Activity and Academic Fair. The target audience is for area programs catering to children and is an opportunity for families to visit St. Dunstan School. Preschools, recreation programs, dance programs, tutorial services, and martial arts would be examples of organizations that will attend. If you know any children’s organization that would be interested in the fair, a registration packet can be picked up at the school office. Advisory Board Marketing Chairperson Ruthy Octavia Huang ( and Parish Council member and school parent, Marvin Laubacher (, are co-chairs of this event. Should you have any questions, please contact them. This is an opportunity to showcase and market our wonderful school.


After School Programs

Next week we will be posting registration information for our popular after school programs including: Chess Club, Chinese Class and Instrumental Music Class. Today, I have included information and registration for the fall Chinese program.

Chinese Program Description

Chinese Program Registration Form and Policy 2014-2015

Chess Program

Friday, September 12 Movie Night at 7:30PM in the North Yard

Plan to join us for popcorn, a hotdog and a fun family evening while watching a movie.

iPad Update

This week we are having teacher trainings on iPad usage in the classroom to support the curriculum. Next week we will have meetings with students to explain and set policy usage expectations for the classroom. Thank you for your continued support as we roll the use of iPads in school instruction and student learning. This is an exciting time for our school.


Parents need to pick up any medications left from last year.

Important: If your child requires rescue medications (EpiPen, inhaler, etc.) please bring to the office along with:

  • Letter from prescribing Doctor with instruction for usage.
  • Medication(s) in original package.
  • Letter from parent requesting school to administer medication.
  • Note: All medications (prescribed and over the counter) require a letter from your doctor allowing the school to administer.

Friday Coffee Social – September 5

There will be a coffee social every Friday sponsored by the Advisory Board.  There is no agenda.  Just come by after assembly to the Parish Center to enjoy a cup of coffee before you go to work or run your errands.  All are welcome.

Friday Hot Lunch

September 5, 2014 Hot lunch is sponsored by Team Green.

September 12, 2014 Hot lunch is sponsored by the Athletic Board.

Please visit the Friday Hot Lunch Page to download the forms. Please remember to bring a lunch in the morning if you have not purchased a hot lunch.  Please see the 2014-2015 for clarification.  Reminder – You must submit an order form for Friday lunches. Order forms cannot be written on pieces of paper.  Please do not combine checks for multiple Friday lunches. The money goes to different sponsors and cannot be included in the same check.


Mixed Bag Design/Mrs. Field’s Cookie Dough Fall Fundraiser

We’re very excited to welcome back Mixed Bag Designs and Mrs. Field’s Cookie Dough for our Fall Fundraiser.  Mixed Bags Designs offers a large collection of high quality and durable reusable bags in a wide selection of colorful designs for the whole family.  Their bags include storage boxes, travel sets, tablet cases, totes, reusable snack bags, coolers, backpacks, and much more.  Stop by our sample table on Back-to-School night and take a sneak peak at their catalog.  And of course, everyone enjoys Mrs. Fields Cookies.

Our Fall Fundraiser starts on September 10th and will run through September 25th.   On-line orders are also available for friends and relatives that are out-of-town.  Our school will receive a 50% profit from every order from Mixed Bags and 40% from Mrs. Fields.   Prizes will be given to the top sellers.  Mixed Bags and Mrs. Fields Cookie Catalogs will be sent home next week with your child.  Please look for it and support our school!

The Used Uniform StoreScreen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.37.44 AM
Our first used uniform sale for the year will be on September 12!
There will be a box by the front office and you may
drop off your gently used uniforms through September 10.
Thank you,

Art in Action

Welcome back! I hope all of you had a fantastic summer! Are you ready for Art in Action?
This is such a fun way to get involved in your child’s class. Without parent volunteers, our Art in Action program would not be a success.

AIA-Docents & Helpers list 2014-2015

For each grade, I need 1 – 2 docents and about 3 classroom helpers.  The docent is the volunteer who leads the initial discussion about a piece of art and then the docent guides the kids through creating their own artwork, step by step. Some parents double up and share the docent role.

Art in Action publishes a series of books, grade by grade. They provide detailed, recipe-style directions for guiding successful discussions and projects, while still allowing the flexibility to ensure that each project will complement any classroom environment.

The online tools, in addition, are terrific. You’ll find step-by-step guidance through video tutorials, discussion points, other lesson-planning resources, and more.

You need to create an an Art in Action account first, before you can access the videos, lesson plans, along with all the other helpful tools. Please let me know if you need one.

*Classes starts September 6th. (Please see the attached training schedule link)

Thank you parents for all your help!

Mrs. Analee Estrada

(Mom of Xander,2nd and Logan,5th)

My School is Cool

Welcome Back St. Dunstan Families.  Hope everyone had a awesome and exciting summer.  As we begin another busy but funfilled school year, I’m very excited to share that we are once again enrolled in the Tanforan
Mall’s My School’s Cool (MSC)  Program.  With all your support and participation last year, we had a very successful year and received a total of $1,600!!   It is super easy to participate in MSC program.  Simply turn in your receipts from Tanforan Mall to school and we can turn them into CASH.  To learn more details, please refer to the attached document or contact me at any time.  Thank you again.
Anne Lam
MSC Coordinator

Weekly Reflection

This week’s reflection comes from Through the Year with Pope Francis: Daily Reflections.

Pruning Our Language

There is no need to go to a psychiatrist to know that when people [put] someone else down, it is because they themselves are unable to develop and need to feel that the other is less important in order for them to feel that they count.  [But Jesus said:] “Do not speak badly of others, do not belittle them, do not discredit them.”

…It is not that we are wicked; we are weak and sinful…It is for easier to solve a situation with an insult, with slander, with mud-slinging, rather than with kind words, as Jesus says…[We must start by] pruning our language a little, but cutting back a bit our comments about others or the explosions that lead us to insulting them and flaring up in anger.

-Homily, Domus Sanctae Marthae, June 13, 2013

Reflection: Where are you tempted to gossip and speak ill of others? What is it about yourself that makes you prone to this?  Ask God to help you improve in these areas so that you don’t feel a need to use unkind words.


Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Bruce Colville                                                                                                                                                                 Principal

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